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North Sands, Salcombe

Our Story

My family have been an integral part of Salcombe's history.

Great Great Auntie Win Brodie was the oldest (over 100 years old) resident in Salcombe (living in Island Street) upon her death a few years ago but the Brodie name is thought to go back further than this.

The Brodie Brothers (my Great Great Uncles) built and worked on a number of houses in Salcombe in the 1900s and built most of the houses around bonfire hill.

My Great Great Grandmother Jessie Brodie (my namesake) ran a B&B called "Alta Vista" in Allenhayes Road. This happens to be where my Grandfather William John Brodie (known as John) was born.

My Grandmother (who married into the Brodie family), her father Alfred Nicholas Boon was the Chairman of the Salcombe Urban District Council (Mayor) during the War.

Both my grandparents grew up in Salcombe and lived opposite one another - John in "Alta Vista" and Joan in "Rock Park".

There are still members of the family living, working and running their businesses to this day.

I started this clothing business and thought it only fitting to name it after my family. I am very proud of my Salcombe Heritage and so this is my way of honouring that and my family before me.

Jess Brodie


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